CLICK HERE For The iPhone/iPad Tutorial
How to Spy/monitor/Track any Android phone or tablet using mSpy
  • Read incoming & outgoing WhatsApp Messages
  • View all incoming/outgoing calls
  • Read all text and multimedia messages
  • Track GPS Location
  • Read emails
  • Monitor Internet Use
  • Access Calendar and Address Book
  • Read Instant Messages
  • Control Apps and Programs
  • View Multimedia Files
  • Remote Control
TIPS: You can first install mSpy on your own phone, and once you are OK with the installation process and how it works, you can then later uninstall it from your phone and install it on the target phone easily once you are ready to monitor it.
Watch the step by step tutorial on how to install and use mSpy on Android below
CLICK HERE For The iPhone/iPad Tutorial 
Read the Step by step written tutorial below if you couldn’t follow the video tutorial above.
CLICK HERE For The iPhone/iPad Tutorial


CLICK HERE to choose a package. Yes, mSpy, just like any other cell phone spy app comes with a price tag. The packages include the BASIC PACKAGEwhich doesn’t offer social network apps such as WhatsApp, monitoring.

The PREMIUM PACKAGE comes with all the features of the BASIC PACKAGE including the ability to monitor social network apps like WhatsApp, Viber, GPS Tracking etc.

You must click on the BUY NOW button below each package to start the buying process. After successful purchase you will receive an email containing your login information to your online account.


You will receive an email with certain information. Click on “Installation guide” in the email which takes you to mSpy account login page.

Copy and paste your account info emailed to you into the username and password fields and login. Using your account information to log into your mSpy account sends you to mSpy installation process page to begin the installation.

On this page, you shall see “Add Device” button displayed on top of the page. Hit on “Add Device” and choose “Setup new phone” option, taking you to another page with the steps; Step 1 to be “Platform Selection”, Step 2 “Setup your device “Step 3 “Activation code” and Step 4 “Complete”. Click on Step 1 and mark Android as the target device. Afterwards, hit on “Proceed” button at the bottom of the page, taking you to Step 2 to set up your device.

mspy set up android


All the steps involved in installing the app (mSpy) on the target device are listed in the new page that opens i.e. Setup your device page.
On this page (setup your device) scroll down to Step 3 and leave the webpage opened and start the installation on the target device by entering the link seen on the Setup your device page at step 3 on the target device (android device).

Entering that link and hitting “Enter” in the target phone’s browser will download the application (apk) on the target device. You can also download this apk to your phone or computer and later transfer it to the target phone

mspy android download link


After the download, go to the download folder to locate and hit on the downloaded application to start with the installation on the target android device.

Tapping on the downloaded app(apk) takes you to “System process” window on the device, follow by hitting “Next” and proceed with “Install” to continue with the installation process. Wait a while after tapping on “Install” and you will see another window with an “App installed” notice, meaning there has been successful installation of part of mSpy on the device.

Hit on “Open” button on this window and you will be taken to “Welcome to mSpy” page. On this page touch on “Continue” to send you to “mSpy end user license and agreement” page. Accept license and Agreement by hitting on “Accept”,. This will open proceeding window with “Select the purpose of your monitoring” drop down menu, Tap in the dropdown box and choose your preference.

It doesn’t matter which option you choose you can still spy. Hit on “Continue” on this page and proceed by hitting “Activate” button to open “Enter registration code” .

mspy mointoring


You will not see the root permission request box if the device is not rooted. In that case, you can still install mSpy but you cannot monitor apps like WhatsApp or track GPS location. If the device is rooted, you will see the root permission request box, hit on “authorize” on the box .

This will take you to “Enter registration code” page.

mspy root


To get registration code, go to the “Setup your device” page opened on your computer and tap on “Proceed” button on the bottom of page to take you to the registration or activation code page. On this page, you will see the registration code. Go to the target android device again and type the code into the registration code space and hit “Done” . After hitting done, continue by taping “Complete Registration” button to the complete registration.

mspy registration code

mspy finish android
You shall see the inscription “Congratulation! Your installation is complete…”connoting complete installation of mSpy on the target Android device.

You only have to log into your mSpy online account using the login information sent into your email box with your own cell phone or a computer and start monitoring the target device


  • The target device must be running Android 4+ for best results
  • The target Android device must be connected to the Internet.
  • You need physical access for just about 3-5 minutes
  • Instant messengers monitoring works on rooted Androids only.

mSpy is compatible with Many Android phones. Click the below image to check your device