Get these 110+ animated video props collection for your video presentation,marketing video, explainer video, whiteboard animation, or your general animation projects use

Never be limited by your inability to create your own animations. Get these professionally and realistically designed animated props and bring life into your animation projects


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What you get with Super VidProps

Over 100 animated video elements for any niche

Animation from 40 everyday objects/props

Comes in MP4, SWF, GIF, MP4, MOV

File formats organized into their own categories for easier access

Transparent Gif files that blend with any other background

Adobe Flash FLA file Formats which you can edit to create your own animations

You don't have to spend your precious time, roaming the internet just to search for free animated objects, most of them which come with visible watermarks that make them impossible to use, or land you in copyright battle even if you get the luck to find one.

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Whats More?

File Formats in individual categories
You don't even have to worry about having to search for a particular type of animated object or prop as they have all been put in their respective folders/categories making it easier for you to find them.
All Animation software compatibilty
You can use any of the animations with any animation software; as a matter of fact, any animation software supports at least, the importation of one of these formats.The list of animation software that you can use these animated video props with include but not limited to any of these software.
Animated props from everyday objects
1.Opening a Door 2.Closing a Door 3.Clock
4.Bulb 5.Moving Clouds 6.Fire/Flame
7.Lightning 8.Making a phone call 9.Receiving a phone call 10.Measuring a substance 11.Weighing an object 12.Sunset animation 13.Sunrise animation 14.Moving car 15.Heart/Love 16. Rotating Globe 17.Office building 18.Shopping Cart 19.Steps 20.Money symbols 21.Stairs 22.Mind/Brain 23.Process gear 24.Reward 25.Dustbin 26.Skyrocket 27.Desk 28.Barrier 29.Bridge 30.Lock 31.Email 32. Message 33.Loading 34.Broadcast 35.Spyglass 36.Megaphone 37.Book and pen 38.Money 39.Hammer and Nail 40.Scissors

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